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  The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel Ranks Top 3 Hotels in Dunhuang

For the second year, The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel receives accolades from Travelmyth, a hotel recommendation engine for sophisticated travelers seeking unique holiday experiences.  The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is awarded Top 3 Hotels in Dunhuang, Top Hotel for Honeymoon in Dunhuang, and Featured in the Business Hotels Collection.  The Hotel is honoured to receive the recognition of quality service from travelers around the world.   

Travelmyth uses advanced technology to collect, search and compare information based on travellers’ preference and recommend to them the perfect accommodation among its 46 categories of hotels. 

Dunhuang was once a strategic gateway on the ancient Silk Road.  The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is situated at the foothill of the picturesque Mingsha Sand Dunes in Dunhuang.  The Hotel's design blends traditional features into its surroundings.  Its exterior is patterned on the Mogao Caves and folk buildings in Dunhuang, with a special emphasis on their simple and bold styles that embody the soul of deserts of the Western Regions.  This contributes greatly to the Hotel's antique desert-fort quality, which mixes harmoniously with the spectacular desert landscape.  The setting and atmosphere of the hotel conjure up the Silk Road's glorious past.  The hotel complex, in terms of both architectural design and use of materials, is modeled on ancient courtyard villas.  It features enclosed courtyards and mud walls, built mainly of stone and mud, commonly found in Northwest-China architectures characterized by a simple grandeur.  Its Han and Tang-style large rooftops and long corridors are particularly rich in traditional as well as Northwest-China flavours.

Turning 25 this year, The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel will continue to strive for the best and grow with the market in order to provide a comfortable environment for customers to explore the history and culture of the Silk Road.

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